Jon Doscher

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green

Filmography: Actor

Broke – “Paulie” – in development
Legends of October – “Henry” – in development
Anyone’s Son – “Rick Salkin” – pre-production
4CHOSEN – “David Ironman” – pre-production
The Gentleman – “Rande Richardson”
Remedy – “Dr. Evan Quinn”
This Thing of Ours – “FBI Agent Clark”
Bronx Paradise – “Peter”
Vodka Rocks – “Banker”
Approaching Heaven – “Recovering Alcoholic”
Men – “Doctor/Medical Scientist” – NYFA

Filmography: Producer.Writer.Director

Old Stoneface – Producer
Broke – Producer/Writer
Legends of October – Producer/Writer
Anyone’s Son – Producer/Writer
4CHOSEN – Producer/Writer
The Gentleman – Producer/Writer
REMEDY – Producer
4CHOSEN Documentary – Producer/Director
Harry: A Communication Breakdown – Producer/Director

Miscellaneous: Actor/Singer

Rain Delay – Broadway Theatre (Dave)
Games People Play, Analyze That, Sweet Home Alabama, & Perfection (Extra)
Ed TV Series (Extra) VP Productions
Cigarette Sandwich Album – Writer/Singer/Producer

Acting Training

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute NYC

Skills and Interests

Singing • Entrepreneurship • Skydiving • Scuba Diving • Baseball • History • Astronomy

Jon Doscher as “Rande Richardson” on the set of The Gentleman, October 2007.